I Want to Cure Ageing: Origins of Life and ML

Stop lying to myself starting now

I’ve always thought of myself as being in training mode. In high school, TKS and university. It was all training for my future self to do something big.

I’ve changed my mind. The best way to train is by doing. So that is what I will do. I will work immediately on what I care about and activate something. That something will be to cure ageing. Let me explain my roadmap toward curing ageing:

  1. If we can simulate a cell, we can cure ageing

  2. If we can understand the origins of life, we can simulate a cell

My unique contribution will be to introduce deep learning techniques to origins of life research. These are the same techniques I used with my research into deep learning for fluid simulation.

Using trial and error search for the origins of life is a hard task for humans, but might be easier for AI. We can simulate a multitude of molecule systems, and see if anything interesting pops up resembling life.

I’ve written a TON about my idea. I encourage people to read my blogs here.

I am relentlessly pursuing this idea.

Other Important News

I moved to edyfi.co in Salt Lake City, Utah to live with 13 other researcher / developers / founders.

Being with a group of ambitious people is powerful and has changed me.

Thanks for checking in! I’m Davide, a 19-year-old self-learner who runs The Feynman Mafia, exploring how learning by explaining can be used to teach yourself any topic.

To learn more about me, check out my website, and follow me on YouTube or Twitter.

That’s it. See you next month.